I am sitting drinking my coffee, thinking, Hm, I just ran out of coffee creamer…Maybe I should write about that? Mothers, who NEED their morning kick start…haha…with sweetness and I have NONE. But then I think, maybe I should make a Whole Veggie Fresh Juice!1 Oh Ya, it is good. See I started doing this Juicing thing, getting my kick from the Popular Juice Lady Cherie Calbom and her Book “Juicing, Fasting and Detoxing For Life”. Trust me, if you ever feel like getting a short and easy kick of being Healthy, this is the book to read!

What am I going to write about today? Then I realized that I am writing these Blogs, Just to write. Out of bordem? Because I love writing? Someday i know I will get good at this and HOPE someone finds something they life and starts following me??? I know, wishful thinking! But It is ok. This is more of an escape than anything.

But I find myself looking for news to write about, preferably local news for Kingman, Arizona. But now, I am wondering, can I blog my own thoughts off of another article? Is that legal? Do I have to cite them, refer to them??????

Well, I guess for now, that will suffice….I am sure, I will write more later! Have a great Day!