I notice a remarkable difference in my energy levels. Though, today I was a bit tired. However, I was up late last night being Christmas Eveā€¦..I feel lighter and stronger. I really love these products; it has increased my Yoga skills as well. As of today, DAY 5 I have lost 6 pounds and 1 inch!! How awesome is that. I notice I have fewer cravings for soda and bread.
I am more productive than I usually am, and I can keep up with the kiddos. It used to be by the end of the day, I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed. But I notice now, that I am more focused and have enough energy at night to do the things I like to do in my alone time. Before I was not getting my alone time. I cannot wait to order and get more things from Herbalife! I want to try everything.