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I swear, I cannot stay focused to save my life. I am like a child in a candy store. I set out to get some things done (with a to-do list) and BAM i find some thing else to do.

Is there anyone out there like this? I have a paper I have to have done by Sunday, A research paper, and I have not even started it yet. What is wrong with me. I love to write, but about things I find interesting or just need to let go of.

Where did life go?

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Sitting here drinking my coffee I think to myself, “it is cold. I have much to do and do not want to get up”…..HAHA….If life was only that way. I have a 3-year-old who is home when the others are at school. He is a demanding boy let me tell ya. I have a hard time even sitting next to him typing this blog.

Sometimes, I wonder where life went? I love being a mother, but this is not the life I wanted. Do I cherish it? YES, fully, but I just do not remember where I gave up on myself, on my dreams, my goals.

I am sure many Mothers go through this, especially stay home moms. I always wanted a career, some where to go and do during the day hours.

I have never wanted to get married, I love being alone and living a simple life, where I am in complete control. But I find, I am not in control of my life at all. It is all about kids and husband. I do not make a┬ádecision without asking him first, I feel trapped at times. Some where along the line I have lost my self…

Never let go

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My emotions begin engulfing my thoughts every time we’re near. Your presence voids the space in my mind that helps me think clear. When our eyes meet and magnetize, I feel our hearts connect. Your tender touch and warm embrace leaves a lasting affect. It’s an affect of affection, a beautiful thing and I feel the love you intentionally bring. Your smile it glows, it lingers on, it keeps me thinking of you all night long. When we speak and converse you leave me stunned, I can’t express how I feel. But you encourage me to open my mind and say exactly what’s real. Well I want you to know that you are more than you think, you are half of my life. There has never been a time in my life when a feeling’s felt more right. Babe you are the stars in the sky, you twinkle in my heart. Since the day you entered my life I have escaped the dark. You keep me strong, you keep me well, you keep me alive. I pray that we can make this last, I pray its me you stand by. When it gets tough and our love dwindles and seems to unwind, lets find the strength to travel in the past and press rewind. There we’ll see our premature love and see how much we’ve grown. We’ll see that there are bumps in the road and they don’t mean let go. These bumps are signs to remind us that love is not easy, but tough. Every now and then we must be reminded never to go

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